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Call Center Support

We service the entire claim journey from the first notice of loss starting with our fully-scalable operations center. This team of insurance-trained professionals is equipped to accept claims through all tech channels and API integrations 24/7 x 365. Customized scripting, call routing and comprehensive reporting are a few examples of our premier service capabilities.

Call Center Support
Call Center Support

First Notice of Loss

When a customer experiences a loss, they need the ability to report it no matter the time of day. The call center’s highly professional and skilled team can facilitate the reporting of the loss to start the claims process. We are flexible in what systems can be used to gather the information. Learn More

CAT Response

During catastrophe events, customers need to know they will be taken care of quickly. We can augment your existing operations by assisting with the additional demand of claims. Additionally, we can provide a complete CAT response plan to handle all claims during an event. Learn More

Claims Support

The call center can assist your customers who need support regarding their claim. This includes providing updates regarding the status of the claim, answering questions, and connecting the customer with their adjuster if needed. Learn More

After-Hours/Emergency Calls

We handle after-hours calls for your customers to assist with emergency situations quickly. We work with you to develop an escalation plan and route these calls to best respond to the customer's needs. Learn More

Temporary Housing Requests

The call center works with customers who need temporary housing during a loss by working to connect them with our team of responders. Within one hour, we can have customized hotel options available to the customer or housing options within one day. Learn More

Staff Augmentation

Depending on the need, we build and manage a team of dedicated resources to work just for your company. Shared resources – or a hybrid model – are also available. We work with you to customize the best approach for your needs. Learn More

Live and Automated Channels

Providing multiple ways to connect with customers is a great way to enhance the service experience. Along with live calls, our call center platform supports the use of Chatbots, SMS, and e-mail for quick and easy communication. Learn More

Putting our partners first.

Though our Metairie, LA, office was completely lost in the flooding of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we maintained uninterrupted catastrophe response services for our clients – ultimately handling more than 100,000 claims in the wake of America’s most costly natural disaster.

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Call Center Support
Call Center Support